(Taken from GM Nagase’s 2017 New Year Gen Assembly Speech)

    1) Achievement of no-loss incident operation

    I ask you to act with safety as a top priority always. Follow the safety rules and procedures at any time and Level up “5S” strongly. At beginning of this year I ask you all to analyze deeply the reasons of the accidents that happened and to carry out the corrective action without exception.

    2) Improve quality and reduce defects continuously.

    It is necessary to improve and achieve our quality target, especially for new welding for HPM. We need to establish and prepare the stable welding standard condition for every size in order to achieve the excellent quality.

    3) Improve the maintenance control system.

    We already installed the control system last year. It is important to use immediately and develop this management system for all equipment and parts in order to maintain the right condition of the equipment for both of HPM and LPM.

    4) Application for new investments

    We continue to repair and replace the machine and parts of the RBM, tack welding, SAW, Expander and Automatic UST for LPM and spiral mill for HPM for the next two years. Furthermore we will establish new pipe double jointing facility. So it is expected to be used and applied early and effectively.

    5) Cost reduction for all.

    During the production, it is our target to reduce and minimize the scrap and to use and purchase only necessary parts and consumables. Furthermore we will continue the strict management of working hours, overtime and holiday works with reasonable members for each section through the year 2017.

    In order to perform the above subjects, it is necessary to comply with the rules and procedures for all company activity and to continue improving the quality of our communication with one another among the pecking order, groups, and sections in all areas of our daily routine.

    Let us do the “Report, Contact and Consult action” with one another and others actively.

    Our slogan for 2017 should be “to be SURVIVOR”.

    As our future is not bright even after restoration, we need to continue our pursuit of improvement and development of all of our equipment, production systems and ourselves (Human beings) ahead of global changes continuously.

    Let us make efforts to strive to be the world’s No.1 pipe manufacturer. I believe that we will make it, if we will work hand on hand as one team… as one NPC.

    I will do my best always with all of you to accomplish above matters. I really wish for your cooperation and support to survive and make a new NPC history.

    Finally, I wish all of us and all of our families the best of luck and happiness.
    Thank you for your attention.

    General Manager & Executive Director
    National Pipe Company, Ltd.
    January 2, 2017